World-wide ranking of geographic locations based on OpenStreetMap tile logs.
Updated weekly. Aggregated over the past 52 weeks to smoothen seasonal effects.
For any location on the planet, up to ~150m/z18 resolution.

Use in Python:

# pip install osmviews import osmviews osmviews.download('/tmp/osmviews.tiff') with osmviews.open('/tmp/osmviews.tiff') as o: print(f'Tokyo, Shibuya: {o.rank( 35.658514, 139.701330):>9.2f}') print(f'Tokyo, Sumida: {o.rank( 35.710719, 139.801547):>9.2f}') print(f'Zürich, Altstetten: {o.rank( 47.391485, 8.488945):>9.2f}') print(f'Zürich, Witikon: {o.rank( 47.358651, 8.590251):>9.2f}') print(f'Ushuaia, Costa Este: {o.rank(-54.794395, -68.251958):>9.2f}') print(f'Ushuaia, Las Reinas: {o.rank(-54.769225, -68.279174):>9.2f}') Tokyo, Shibuya: 227437.98 Tokyo, Sumida: 60537.62 Zürich, Altstetten: 37883.31 Zürich, Witikon: 11711.94 Ushuaia, Costa Este: 2697.14 Ushuaia, Las Reinas: 257.89

Author: Sascha Brawer
Backend: github.com/brawer/osmviews
Clients: Python
Download: Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFF (data), JSON (histogram)
License: CC0-1.0 (data), MIT (code)

Public Domain